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Maintenance, Maintenance types, breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance

The maintenance division of the factory ensures the availability of machines and equipment to perform their function at optimum conditions. This article contains objective of plant maintenance, important of plant maintenance, maintenance types and discussion.Maintenance :With the development of special-purpose machine and equipment, it cost a lot more money so their idle time and downtime becoming a lot more expensive day by day. Therefore, it is important that plant machinery and equipment should be properly maintained.

Objective of plant maintenance :
The maintenance division of the factory ensures the availability of machines and equipment to perform their function at optimum conditions.The objective of plant maintenance division is to achieve minimum breakdown and to keep the plant in excellent condition at the lowest possible cost.Kept the plant in such condition that, it should run without any interruption.
Importance of maintenance department : Depending upon the size of the mainte…

Management, Management definition, concept of management, levels of managers,

Management definition : Management may be defined as the art of work done through people, with the satisfaction of employer, employees, and the public. To do this, it is necessary to guide, direct, control human effort towards the fulfillment of the goal of the enterprise.
In this the article, you will able to know about management definition, the concept of management, nature of management, the importance of management, levels of manager, people management skills.

Concept of management : Management is an executive act that actively directs the human effort to a common goal.The main roll of the management is to apply the knowledge and analytical approaches developed by numerous other disciplines.Management is the follower of the administration, it gets a salary or a part of the profit in lieu of its services.Management does not frame politics, it only implements the politics laid down by the administrator.Planning, organizing, staffing, motivation, directing coordination, and control are…

Management is an art or science / Is management is an Art or Science essay,

Is management is an art or science essay: management is an art of getting things done, management as a process so it is science also. It got properties of both art and science.

Management is an art or science?Managementis the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling resources such as human beings, material, time, and money to accomplish the organizational mission. All organizations have objectives that are the desired targets that the manager hopes to achieve. Management may be called an art as well as science. Management combines features of both art and science.

Management is science :
Management has a scientific basis because of management techniques are susceptible to measurement and factual determination.Similar to the science management skills are experimental and it also developed by trial and error process.In management, there is the availability of systematic and organized study material.Management is an art :
Management is an art because managem…

Mechanical Engineering, Career in Mechanical engineering after 12, engineering jobs, career guidance

let me tell you that Mechanical Engineering is one of the best engineering branches. After completing Mechanical engineering you can be employed in the government sector(like IOCL, ONGC, etc), private sector or you can start your own business.
In this article, you will know about Mechanical engineering, career in mechanical engineering, engineering jobs, mechanical engineering courses, career guidance, Mechanical engineering branches, and many more.

A career in Mechanical engineering:
You are reading this blog because either you just completed your Higher Secondary exam and you are willing to make a career in Mechanical Engineering or you are in class 10,11 and you are planning to become a c, right? So, let me tell you that Mechanical Engineering is one of the best engineering branches. As a Mechanical engineer, you have to deal with designing machine parts, control operations, manufacture, maintenance of mechanical system, etc. There is a large number of job opportunities as well. After …